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Engaging AND Creative

A great listen! Host Bruce Devereaux does a masterful job of asking questions, leading his guests to share informative, insightful, and meaningful observations about many facets of life. You may at first think that a certain guest or topic is not in your sphere of interest but if you listen, you will leave believing otherwise, as these episodes will prompt reflection and introspection, and generate some good ideas that you can leverage in your own life or on behalf of those you serve. Time well spent!

The Gears Keep Turning

This is a fantastic podcast! It is the perfect blend of great conversation, the introduction of new ideas, and an invitation to live better as a community. Bruce has an easy voice to listen to, and guest the bring a wide range of perspectives. The best part is it never lives too much in the head. This is a podcast that lives in both the head and the heart of aging and life.

Creating Engaging Conversations

Bruce Devereux asks gentle, brilliant questions that elicit engaging conversations with his guests about transforming the way we care for one another, especially our elders. His heart for creative care brings joy and meaning to residents of the care community where he works and to people around the world through these podcasts. Thank you, Bruce, for all your beautiful questions.


Bruce is a positive influence in the anti-ageism space. He masterfully and respectfully celebrates aging in each and every episode. I have learned so much by listening to this podcast and I am glad this podcast exists.