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Dec. 14, 2021

Episode #17 - Monika & Anna - Piano Phase


Our ultimate goal is creating musical installations in contemporary settings where two pianists perform together, giving the audience an insight into the new format of classical music concerts. We want to give the visitors an opportunity to join in as they wish. This liberal and democratic presentation of the music allows listeners to freely move around the space and experience a classical music concert in a completely new environment and fresh, forward-thinking approach. We welcome everyone - no matter your age or personal background.

We like to think of ourselves as artists, not only musicians, therefore we collaborate with dancers, visual artists, activists, podcasters and broader media. We want to spread the message and talk about issues important for us: inclusivity, perception of music, education for children and adults alike as well as artists' lives. To make the installation more affordable we decided to perform on upright pianos, because why not? (We think it looks cool too!) we want to keep this project FREE for the audience.

Be a change. Make a change. And be a part of some great installations all around the world!
You know a place where the installation could happen? drop us a line.

Thank you,

Monika Mašanauskaitė and Anna Szałucka