March 8, 2022

#19 - The Creatively Engaging - David

#19 - The Creatively Engaging - David

Today's guest is David Greenberger, a New York State-based artist. A prolific creative in visual art, story, spoken word, music, and performance. Today's episode traces David's career from his early days within the Duplex Nursing home to his latest project, "Everybody's Home." A project that covered six months during the early part of the pandemic. David started calling friends and family, who were housebound like himself, and through those conversations, created a 151-track compilation in collaboration with musician Tyson Rogers.

David Greenberger


Podcast Tracks from "It Happened to Me"

1) "So Beautiful"

2)" I Love New York"


Podcast Tracks from "Everybody's Home"

1) "Not Much Has Changed" - David Greenberger / Tyson Rogers

2) "Naps(part4)-Coda" - David Greenberger / Tyson Rogers

3) "On Calm Water" - David Greenberger / Tyson Rogers

4)  "Garden Grove" - David Greenberger / Tyson Rogers

5) "A Mother's Request" - David Greenberger / Tyson Rogers


John Spiak - Director/Chief Curator CSUF Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA. Focus in social engaged practice


Song Section - Sam Phillips - "Can't See Straight"

Song Section - Carla Bley - "Life Goes On"

Song Section - Van and Titus - "Cry Baby Cry"


Piano Section - David's mom, Jane performing on her 90th / Location in podcast - 1:19:55


The Grand Central Art Center - Santa Ana


Filmmaker Beth Harrington