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June 9, 2021

#11 - The Creatively Engaging - Susan"

#11 - The Creatively Engaging - Susan

A conversation with Dr.Susan McFadden, author of "Dementia Friendly Communities: Why We Need Them and How We Can Create Them".

In today’s discussion we dig into Susan’s latest book and uncover a wide range of topics that touch on…

  • the personal, how we have those hard conversations around dementia with those we love.
  • Adjusting our optics to see Dementia and Care as a Social Experience through the power of Creative Engagement
  • Exploring how a grassroots approach can be successful in Building a network of Memory Cafes.
  • We touch on an area that Susan is extremely knowledgeable in… Exploring the power of Spiritual Connections as we reimagine Dementia while reimagining our communities.